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The eKharid Portal is a combination development of the Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board and the Department of Food and Supplies, Govt. of Haryana.

Ekharid ia a online portal for farmers started in 2016 by Haryana government. Pointed toward engaging farmers and stretching out the simplicity of working together to brokers, the ekharid framework was dispatched for Haryana by Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan and Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar in September 2016.

  • It will engage straightforwardness of cooperating to the traders and will empower the farmers by giving progressing information and ideal portion.
  • The Haryana government has given the responsibility to the State Agricultural Marketing Board to give the minimum support price of their crops to the farmers.

Instructions for registering on eKharid Portal

On eKharid portal, you need to fill in some vital things in the enlistment structure .

  • First of all, the applicant should be a resident of Haryana State.
  • The applicant must be aadhar card holder.
  • The candidate to be over 18 years old to enroll under the entry.
  • It is mandatory for the applicant to have a valid mobile number.
  • Information will be sent on the registerd mobile number through SMS, so put the valid mobile number.
  • The applicant should fill in the date of birth as updated in aadhar  card .
  • The applicant can submit duplicate of any one record of aadhaar card, driving grant, resident ID card etc.

Documents Required for eKharid farmer registration

The following Documents are Required for eKharid farmer registration

  • Applicant should be a lasting inhabitant of Haryana State.
  • Only Farmer can enroll on this online portal.
  • Applicant’s Aadhar Card .
  • Applicant’s identity card .
  • Applicant’s  driving license .
  • Voter id of the applicant .
  • Bank account passbook of the applicant.
  • Passport size photo of applicant.
  • Land Area, Category Information about the applicant.
  • Subtleties of the seed crop.
  • Utility bill, Property charge bill, and so forth.

Registration process on eKharid portal

On the off chance that a farmer needs to enroll into the eKharid portal, here I am giving you full process to get enlisted.

Step 1: First of all login to the official website  https://ekharid.in/ .

Step 2: Then click on the Farmer Registration.

Step 3: On tapping on the connection, that coordinates to the guidelines page, in the wake of perusing the directions, the candidate needs to tap on the Proceed for the Registration interface.

Step 4: The page will again divert to the new enrollment page.

Step 5: The farmer candidate needs to round out the enrollment structure in an endorsed design.

The structure should be loaded up with a couple of the accompanying subtleties    

  • At that point another tab page will open and It will request the Mobile No or Aadhar No or Family No, enter the number and confirm the OTP.
  • Then it will request for the Sowing Land Details fill in the structure. also, press straightaway.
  • Then, enter your Bank account subtleties and press straightaway.

Step 6: Subsequent to entering all the mentioned subtleties, click on the Continue button.

Step 7: Now the farmer candidate should transfer the photos and archives indicated previously.

Step 8: Now, the farmer candidate should transfer all the photos and supporting archives that are referenced above onto the gateway prior to presenting the application. At that point click on the “confirm” button.

Step 9: click on the Continue button subsequent to transferring all the obligatory reports.

Step 10: After tapping on submit, it will open the Seeding Detail Form. The accompanying data is needed to fill the seedbed subtleties:

  • Name of plan
  • Year of reap
  • Thing
  • A region in organic product sections of land
  • Stronghold Number: Enter the fortification number where the development is finished.
  • Maker class Fill in the kind of maker classification (landowner, tenant, an inhabitant, or joint)

Step 11: Now, the candidate can tap on submitting to finish the enlistment interaction.

Step 12: The rancher candidate will get an affirmation through the enlisted versatile number and email address for additional reference.

•      Also, in the last enter the Mandi or Aarthiya subtleties and submit.

•      Now Your e-kharid enlistment has been finished.

Aim of eKharid farmer registration

  • The eKharid online stage was dispatched to give e-administration administrations to the farmers of the state.
  • This plan is specially begun for the state ranchers in light of the fact that the public authority needs to build up the state horticulture structure
  • The goal is to get straightforwardness at all levels the food grain acquirement measure, to upgrade simplicity of working together to the brokers.
  • Through this portal, farmers can sell their yields at the correct cost.
  • The state government reported to execute e-exchanging and moving the installment straightforwardly into the farmer’s records preceding each crop season.
  • And to enable the farmers by giving ongoing data and convenient installment.

Highlights of eKharid Portal

Name of the portalHaryana e-Kharid
Started byState Government
Starting Date2016
BenefeciaryFarmer of Haryana State
Mode of  registrationOnline
Official websitehttps://ekharid.in/

Partners in the e-Kharid entryway recorded as follows:

  • Ranchers
  • Brokers
  • Market Committees
  • Government organizations
  • Commission Agents
  • Purchasers
  • Processors
  •  Exporters
  • Getting Agency/Purchasers

Benefits of eKharid Portal

  • Farmer of Haryana state can take the advantage through e-Kharid portal
  • The Agricultural Marketing Board advances the premium of the farmers and encouraging the purchasers.
  • Through e-Kharid Portal farmer can sell their crop directly.
  • The agents in the buy interaction of yields will be diminished and they will not be any need to pay commissions to the go between in the harvests buying process.
  • Through e-Kharid Portal the farmer can sell their crop with high rate and it will build their pay proportion. It will help in getting more benefit on farming items.
  • It benefits with coordinations quality administration confirmation, warehousing, and Logistics.
  • It engages the farmers of the state to work appropriately to the continuous situations so the farmers can be profit opportune installments and more advantages.
  • The Portal that gives a pathway of online support of all occupants on Haryana state and giving legitimate data.
  • The arrangement of Soil Testing Laboratories is given for the chose mandi (market) to encourage the farmers for visiting the mandi.
  • The Government’s e-kharid activity supplements the National Agricultural Marketing, a dish India electronic exchanging portal of the current APMC mandis, to get straightforwardness and effectiveness the acquirement of farming items.

How to Login For Before 2020 Procurement in ekharid Portal?

To Login for Before 2020 Procurement in ekharid Portal, You may follow the given steps:

  • Go to the Official website of Ekharid.
  • On the homepage, you will see three links, click on 1st link or on “Login For Before 2020 Procurement”.
eKharid min 1
  • A new page will appear on your screen. Fill your username, password and enter captcha.
  • After that, click on Login button.
ekharid login min

How to download Ekharid App?

To download Ekharid App, you can follow the given steps:

  • Visit the Google Play store.
  • Search Ekharid App
  • Click on Install button.


You can download Ekharid App by clicking here.

Contact Details for Ekharid

In the event that you are dealing with any issue, direct contact to the primary office of ekharid.

Here is the contact Details of ekharid-

Email : [email protected]

Ekharid Bhavantar Bharpaii Yojana

It is a scheme for the Farmers to make amends (क्षतिपूर्ति करना) the government for their production in Mandi at a lower price.

Main objectives of the Ekharid Haryana Bhavantar Bharpaii Yojana:

The Main objectives of the Ekharid Haryana Bhavantar Bharpaii Yojana are:

  • Reducing the risk of farmers by preservation price during the low prices of vegetables and fruits in the mandi.
  • Encouraging farmers to diversify into agriculture.
  • Crops covered under the scheme in the first phase, protected value and fixed

Crops covered under the Bhavantar Bharpaii Yojana, protected prices and fixed production in the first phase:

  • Four crops: Tomato, Onion, Potato and Cauliflower.
  • Preserved value of fixed crops and fixed production.
क्रं सख्याफसल का नामसंरक्षित मूल्य(रुपये प्रति क्विंटल )निर्धारित उत्पादन(क्विंटल प्रति एकड़)
7.शिमला मिर्च90080
14.पत्ता गोभी650100

Features of the Bhavantar Bharpaii Yojana:

  • Risk free to vegetable tenants.
  • To ensure income of Rs 48000 / – to Rs 56000 / – per acre on the above four crops under the scheme.
  • Preserving prices for four vegetables (tomato, onion, potato and cauliflower) under the scheme.
  • The government compensates the difference in the price up to the protected price to the farmers registered through the BBY e-portal on the website (www.hsamb.gov.in) for selling vegetables at a lower price within the stipulated period in the mandi.
  • Eligible to avail the benefit of this scheme from landowner, tenant or tenant on rent.

Registration process for benefits under the Ekharid Haryana scheme:

  1. To avail benefits under this scheme, it is mandatory for the farmer to register on the Marketing Board website through the Horticultural Exposure (BBY) e-portal during the sowing period.
  2. Field certification of registered farmers by the Horticulture Department.
  3. Provision for filing an appeal by the farmer if he is dissatisfied with the certified area.
  4. Manufacturer’s free registration.
  5. Manufacturer’s free registration.
  6. Registration will be open only during the stipulated period.
  7. Registration facility will be available at Sarva Seva Kendra / e-Disha Kendra / Marketing Board / Horticulture Department / Agriculture Department and Internet Kiosks.

Determination of registration, verification, appeal and sale period:

  • Registration for Ekharid Haryana Bhavantar Bharpaii Yojana will be valid only for the period indicated in the table below.
क्रं सख्याफसल का नामपंजीकरण अवधिसत्यापन अवधिसत्यापन इत्यादि के विरुद्ध अपील अवधिबिक्री अवधि
आरंभ तिथिसमापन तिथितकतकदौरान
1.आलू15 सितंबर31 अक्तूबर30 नवम्बर15 दिसम्बर1 दिसम्बर – 31 मार्च
2.प्याज15 दिसम्बर15 फरवरी15 मार्च25 मार्च1 अप्रैल – 31 मई
3.टमाटर15 दिसम्बर15 फरवरी15 मार्च25 मार्च1 अप्रैल- 15 जून
4.फूलगोभी15 सितंबर31 अक्तूबर30 नवम्बर15 दिसम्बर1 दिसम्बर – 31 मार्च
5.गाजर1 अक्तूबर30 नवम्बर15 दिसम्बर31 दिसम्बर1 दिसम्बर – 28 फ़रवरी
6.मटर1 अक्तूबर30 नवम्बर15 दिसम्बर31 दिसम्बर1 दिसम्बर – 28 फरवरी
7.शिमला मिर्च10 फरवरी15 मार्च31 मार्च15 अप्रैल15 अप्रैल – 30 जून
8.बैंगन10 फरवरी15 मार्च31 मार्च15 अप्रैल15 अप्रैल – 30 जून
9.भिन्डी1 फरवरी31 मार्च31 मार्च15 अप्रैल15 अप्रैल – 30 जून
10.मिर्च1 फरवरी31 मार्च31 मार्च15 अप्रैल15 अप्रैल – 30 जून
11.लौकी1 फरवरी31 मार्च31 मार्च15 अप्रैल15 अप्रैल – 30 जून
12.करेला1 फरवरी31 मार्च31 मार्च15 अप्रैल15 अप्रैल – 30 जून
13.हल्दी1 जून31 जुलाई15 अगस्त15 अगस्त1 अप्रैल – 30 अप्रैल
14.पत्ता गोभी1 अक्तूबर30 नवम्बर30 नवम्बर15 दिसम्बर1 दिसम्बर – 31 मार्च
15.लहसुन1 अक्तूबर30 नवम्बर30 नवम्बर15 दिसम्बर1 अप्रैल – 15 मई
16.मूली1 अक्तूबर30 नवम्बर30 नवम्बर15 दिसम्बर1 दिसम्बर – 31 मार्च
17.अमरूद15 अप्रैल15 मई15 जून30 जून1 जुलाई – 31 अगस्त
18.आम1 मार्च15 मई15 मई31 मई15 जून – 31 अगस्त
19.किन्नू1 सितंबर30 नवम्बर15 दिसम्बर31 दिसम्बर1 दिसम्बर – 28 फरवरी

Promotion Process:

  • Sale on J-Farm will be mandatory for promotion.
  • After sale on J-Farm the sales details will be uploaded on BBY e-portal, for which facility will be available in the office of each respective market committee.
  • If the wholesale price of crop production is less than the protected price during the period of sale, the farmer will be eligible to compensate for the difference in price.
  • Incentives will be payable on the sale on J-Farm and the fixed production per acre (whichever is less) multiplied by the difference in price.
  • The incentive amount will be released within 15 days of the sale in the Aadhaar linked bank account of the farmer.
  • The average daily wholesale price will be determined on the basis of the daily prices of the mandis identified by the mandi board.

Evaluation of the Bhavantar Bharpaii Yojana:

  1. For effective implementation of the scheme, assessment from time to time by the state level committees constituted under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary and district level committees chaired by the Deputy Commissioner.
  2. Wide publicity of the scheme through newspapers, digital facilities, seminars and farmers’ conferences.
  3. Provision of sufficient funds for the scheme.

When to register For Ekharid Haryana Bhavantar Bharpaii Yojana?

Details / time table of sowing, harvesting and sale period:

क्रं सख्याफसल का नामबीजाई अवधिकटाई एवं बिक्री अवधि
1.आलू10 अक्तूबर – 10 नवम्बरफरवरी – मार्च
2.प्याज20 दिसम्बर – 31 जनवरीअप्रैल – मई
3.टमाटर15 दिसम्बर – 31 जनवरीअप्रैल – 15 जून
4.फूलगोभी15 नवम्बर – 15 दिसम्बरफरवरी – मार्च

Online registration, verification and appeal details / time table:

क्रं सख्याफसल का नामपंजीकरण अवधिसत्यापन अवधिसत्यापन इत्यादि के विरुद्ध अपील अवधिबिक्री अवधि
आरंभ तिथिसमापन तिथितकतकदौरान
1.आलू10 अक्तूबर30 नवम्बर31 दिसम्बर15 जनवरीफरवरी – मार्च
2.प्याज20 दिसम्बर15 फरवरी15 मार्च25 मार्चअप्रैल-मई
3.टमाटर15 दिसम्बर15 फरवरी15 मार्च25 मार्चअप्रैल- 15 जून
4.फूलगोभी15 नवम्बर31 दिसम्बर15 जनवरी25 जनवरीफरवरी – मार्च

Name of the crop under the Bhavantar Bharpaii Yojana:

क्रं सख्याफसल का नामसंरक्षित मूल्य(रुपये प्रति क्विंटल )निर्धारित उत्पादन(क्विंटल प्रति एकड़)

Document Required for Ekharid Haryana Farmer Registration FormEkharid Haryana

One of the following identity cards of the farmer are required during the Ekharid Haryana Farmer Registration:

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Driving license
  3. Passport
  4. Election identity card
  5. Passport size photo.
  6. Bank account details.
  7. Copy of first page of bank passbook.
  8. Description of seeded crop.
  9. Name of the scheme
  10. Crop name
  11. Seeded area in acres
  12. Measles and fort number
  13. Farmer’s class (landowner, tenant and tenant or joint)

Verification of registered farmers

  • Revenue officers will verify the registered farmers under this scheme with the help of the employees of the horticulture department.
  • The information about the seeded area of ​​each crop given on the portal by the farmers will be verified and approved by the Revenue Officer with the help of the employees of the Horticulture Department.

How to avail the Ekharid Haryana Bhavantar Bharpaii Yojana?

  1. The producer has to ensure his registration on the Ekharid Haryana portal during the stipulated period, otherwise he will not be eligible for the incentive amount under this scheme.
  2. The producer has to ensure the sale of his produce in the mandis of Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board during the stipulated sales period.
  3. Under eKharid Bhavantar Bharpaii Yojana, it will be mandatory for the producer to take “J” form on selling his product to get the incentive amount.

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