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Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Saturday said citizens constrained to travel during lockdown to attend some emergency could apply for an online pass at Domestic workers, manual labourers, and those working for essential services could also get a travel pass from the website. Applicants may download the pass on their mobile phone.

Mr. Vijayan urged the public to use the facility sparingly. The government was disinclined to allow inter-district travel. However, citizens requiring to attend the funeral of a close relative or wedding of wards could avail themselves of a pass from the government website to move across districts. Those seeking to shift patients could also use the facility.

Kerala Police E Pass

Kerala Government has started the Jagratha Portal that is a one-stop platform for various COVID-19 facilities. This portal is a sign that Kerala is all decked up to tackle the COVID situation now. It offers information about the availability of beds in hospitals in Kerala.

Apart from this, the portal is also all set to take proper actions as per the instructions provided by the World Health Organization. The authorities of the portal make sure to monitor the citizen’s health and also the quarantine status of the infected patients. Also, the portal is helpful in offering emergency services to the citizens who are suffering from the infection of COVID.

Kerala Lockdown Vehicle E Pass Online Apply

Whomsoever it may concern about Inter District Travel pass, the Kerala Government has developed the online website to simplify the Kerala Police Pass facility for the stranded person and family. So the person who wants to travel from one district to another district during an Emergency needs Kerala Lockdown Vehicle Pass at online portal. There are details regarding travel reasons and other details to fill out completely and correctly.

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How to Register for Kerala ePass?

Now a lot of people are actually getting confused about how to register on the Jagratha Portal. This is only because there are many options available and people are not sure how to proceed with the registration process.

There are two categories created for the registration process. The first one is for the citizens who are either traveling in or out of Kerala on emergency grounds. The other one is for the business owners who need to travel for emergency purposes.

If you a citizen of Kerala or a visitor from outside, you will need ePass for getting domestic entry, international entry, guest entry, or a short visit. For this, follow these steps:

Step – 1 – Visit the portal by clicking on the link

Step – 2 – Now click on the option of Citizen that you will find on the top tab.

Step – 3 – From the dropdown menu, select the option of Event Register.

Step – 4 – Provide your mobile number and Verify on the page that appears.

Step – 5 – Provide the OTP that you will receive on the mobile number that you have provided.

Step – 6 – On the next page, you will have guidelines for ePass that you have to go through carefully.

Step – 7 – Fill in the application form that is provided for the ePass.

Step – 8 – After filling all the mandatory areas carefully, click on the Save option.

As soon as you complete this procedure, you will receive a message on your mobile number stating the status of your ePass. You should also get notifications when the ePass is approved or rejected later on.

Kerala Sahayahastham Scheme 2021

  • Business Owner Registration

Business owners who need to travel also need to get ePass. They need to follow these steps:

Step – 1 – Visit the portal at

Step – 2 – From the tab on the homepage, the visitor has to click on the option or Business owners.

Step – 3 – From the dropdown menu, the visitor needs to click on the option of Visitor Register.

Step – 4 – On the page that opens up, the visitor has to provide a valid mobile number and verify.

Step – 5 – The visitor has to provide OTP on the next page to complete the verification process.

Step – 6 – Next, an application form has to be filled up on the next page with all the mandatory details such as the purpose of visit, duration, and many others.

Step – 7 – Clicking on the Save button after filling up the form carefully, the registration process completes.

A notification about the registration will be soon sent to the mobile number provided. Also, later on, the information about ePass approval and download will be also notified on the same mobile number.

How to Track Citizen ePass Application?

If you have already applied for the citizen or visitor ePass application and are waiting for approval, here are the steps that you can follow to check your status.

Step – 1 – Click on the link to open the portal.

Step – 2 – From the tab of Citizen, select the option of Track Application.

Step – 3 – A page will open up where you need to provide the mobile number that you have provided during applying for the ePass.

Step – 4 – Next, you have to select from the type of epass that you have applied for.

Step – 5 – Provide the captcha code.

Step – 6 – Click on Verify.

After approval of your e Pass from the Kerala government, you will get an option for downloading the same on your device. In case, the e-pass application gets rejected by them, you need to apply again with a fresh application.

Jagratha Login for Registered Citizens

Kerala Government started the portal Jagratha a long time back for various other services such as emergency ambulance services, bed availability information in hospitals, and others. So, it may happen that there are many citizens who already have an account on this portal.

The ePass option has been started much later. That does not mean that the already registered citizens have to register again separately for the ePass. If you are already registered on the portal, you can log into the portal by following these steps and avail the ePass application service.

Step – 1 – Visit the portal through the link

Step – 2 – On the top right corner of the homepage, you will find the option of login on which you have to click.

Step – 3 – The login page will come up where you have to first provide your username and password.

Step – 4 – Now provide the captcha displayed.

Step – 5 – Click on the Login option to enter and then proceed to the services that you wish to avail yourself of.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who should obtain the e-pass?

Daily-wage workers, domestic workers, emergency travellers, hospital goers and those who attend funerals and weddings should carry e-passes.

How can they obtain the e-pass?

Daily-wage labourers and domestic workers should apply for e-passes on their own or through their employers.

Can I travel from one district to another using the e-pass?

Inter-district travel is allowed only in emergency situations, such as funerals, pre-fixed marriages and to carry patients. Travellers should obtain e-pass from the website ( They should also carry personal identity cards.

Should I get the e-pass for travelling to vaccination centres or buying essential items?

E-pass is NOT required while travelling to vaccination centres or for buying essential goods from your neighbourhood. However, you should carry an affidavit stating the purpose of your travel. You can print the form or write the details in a white paper. Download the affidavit here

Who can travel without the e-pass?

Those working in the essential service sectors can travel with their official identity cards.


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