GHMC Elections Opinion Poll 2020


All the Details about GHMC Elections Opinion Poll 2020, Survey Results, Aajtak, ABP, NDTV

It is all set for conduction of the most awaited GHMC Elections 2020. All the contesting parties and the candidates have done with the elections. Moreover, speculations are going on who will win the Mayor Chair of GHMC. All the contesting political parties are expressing their confidence in winning the elections. On the other side, the survey and media agencies have finished collecting—opinion polls on the scheduled Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Elections. 

In the following article, one can find out the opinion polls survey details of the GHMC Elections, and the expected seats for the contesting parties ward wise.

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GHMC Elections Opinion Poll 2020

This article explains the GHMC Elections, Opinion Poll and Survey Results 2020, Aajtak, ABP, NDTV.

Find out the survey details of GHMC Elections (Aajtak, ABP and NDTV)

Let us find out the details of the survey results or opinion polls done by the media houses like Aajtak, ABP, NDTV and the local media houses of the state.

  • The major contesting parties in the TS GHMC Elections are TRS, BJP, MIM, Congress, TDP and Others.
  • The elections are going to held for 150 Divisions/Wards on 01 December, and the results will be out on 04 December 2020.
  • All the top leaders from BJP: Amit Shah, JP Naddah, Smriti Irani, Yogi Adithyanath, Devendra Fadnavis, Tejasvi Surya etc. have participated in the election campaign. Moreover, BJP MP Mr Bandi Sanjay has also participated in the election campaign of GHMC.
  • On behalf of TRS, Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao, State IT Minister K Taraka Rama Rao and other leaders in the GHMC Elections.
  • Leaving even the political analysts in surprise, the national party and the major opposition of the state, Congress could not give a tough fight during the GHMC Election Campaigning. It indicates that Congress party losing hold on the Telangana State.
  • The MIM Party is also going to play a vital role in the vote share, as the Muslim voters are around 15% of the total voters.
  • The role of Congress and TDP will play a minimal role in the GHMC Elections.

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Who will the GHMC Elections 2020?

  • As discussed above, all the political parties have tried their best to attract people with their manifesto, promises and star campaigning in the capital city. However, everything will get unfold once after the actual results are out on 04 December.
  • According to the Opinion Polls, there will be a tough fight between the State Ruling Party TRS and Ruling Party in the Nation BJP.
  • Most of the people responded that they are happy with the welfare schemes introduced by the State CM KCR. 
  • Moreover, they appreciated the efforts of the government during the floods.
  • A few people opined that the ruling party TRS would do better if it wins in the GHMC Elections.
  • On the other side, a few people is in an opinion that BJP would do better and develop the Hyderabad better than the existing TRS party.
  • A few people have also expressed that BJP will do better under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  • However, the MIM party is going to play a vital role in the vote share, and the winning seats.
  • The other contesting parties like Congress, TDP and others will decide the winning chances of the parties.
  • As per the survey details and opinion polls from the people, the TRS will have an edge in winning the Municipal Corporation elections of Hyderabad.
  • The BJP may be limited to the Second Position, followed by MIM Party.
  • Congress, TDP and Other candidates will get around 10 seats in total.

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GHMC Elections Opinion Poll 2020 FAQ

What are the parties contesting in the Telangana State for GHMC Elections?

TRS, BJP, Congress, MIM, TDP and others are contesting in the Telangana State GHMC elections.

Who has higher chances of winning in the TS GHMC elections scheduled tomorrow?

The ruling party in the state TRS will have an edge in the upcoming GHMC elections in the state.

Who is going to play a vital role in case if the top two parties will get an equivalent winning seats?

MIM party will play a key role if in case the top two parties will get an equivalent seat in the GHMC Elections.

What is the role of the National Party and Opposition in the state, Congress Party in GHMC Elections?

According to opinion polls, the role of the Congress Party will be minimal in the upcoming GHMC elections.


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