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To prevent the use of petrol and diesel type vehicles the FAME India project was launched by the authorities of the Indian Government and it was an integral part of the national electric mobility mission plan. In this article today, we will share with all of you the different details regarding the Fame India Scheme 2020-21 phase 2 which was launched recently for the residents of India. In this article, we will share with all of you the different types of details regarding the scheme including the benefits, features, and objectives of the scheme as launched by the concerned authorities of the Government of India.

Fame India Scheme 2020-21

Fame India Scheme 2020-21 was launched keeping in mind the pollution which was happening due to the vehicles which are operated through diesel and petrol. The first phase of the scheme is already done by the concerned authorities of the Indian government. Now, phase two of the scheme was started under which the Government of India will be giving out 670 electric buses in the states of Maharashtra Goa Gujarat, and Chandigarh and it is also said that 241 charging stations will be provided in on the streets of Madhya Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Gujarat, and Port Blair. This will help in the development of the areas with electrical vehicles.

Fame India Scheme

Sabka Vikas Scheme

Objective Of Fame India 2020-21

The scheme was launched by the concerned authorities of the central government from 1st April 2015. This scheme was launched so that the manufacturers are encouraged to build electrical vehicles more in the country. The Government stated that there will be high use of electric buses to reduce pollution and other types of difficulties. Now, phase two of the scheme is started. It is also said that the government will be spending around 10,000 crores on this scheme in the upcoming year of 2021 and 2022. There will be a high number of electric buses in big metropolitan cities to reduce pollution.

Details Of Fame India 2020-21

Name Fame India Scheme 2020-21
Launched by Government of India
Objective Providing electrical vehicles
Beneficiaries Presidents of India
Official site

Features Of Fame India Scheme 2020-21

This second phase of the Fame India Scheme 2020-21 aims to support, through subsidies, approximately 7000 e-Buses, 5 lakh e-3 Wheelers, 55000 e-4 Wheeler Passenger Cars, and 10 lakh e-2 Wheelers. It is also said that the two-wheeler segment will be mainly focused on the private vehicles of the residents of the metropolitan cities. There will be a lot of charging stations which will be constructed under this scheme by the government of India to encourage electrical vehicles and the use of electricity rather than diesel or petrol.

Benefit Of The Scheme

The main benefit of the scheme is to promote electrical vehicles among the residents of the country and it will also increase the eco-friendly Public transportation system of the region. We are all aware of the level of pollution that we are living in. The FAME 2 scheme will be helping in the encouragement of the interlinking of renewable sources of energy which will be powered through charging systems. A great initiative will be helping in lowering the level of pollution.

Application Procedure Of Fame India Scheme 2020-21

To apply for the scheme the applicant will have to go through the application procedure as prescribed by the concerned authorities of the Fame India Scheme 2020-21. No new application procedure is yet known to apply for the scheme as of today but you can visit the official website of the Scheme 2020-21


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